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Bad Gyal x Govana- ‘Open The Door’

Govana goes for a new look on the new Bad Gyal single ‘Open The Door’ linking up with the Spanish artist to release a Spain x Jamaican fusion track which merges the styles of both countries.

Govana goes hard on this track continuing his incredible 2018 with an amazing collaboration and a new look for the deejay, really showing another horizon not often explored by dancehall artists.

This is another explicit look from Govana. As both Bad Gyal and Govana throw out their best advances telling each other exactly what they would do if the door opened and they got the opportunity. If you look at the cover for the single, Govana and Bad Gyal aren’t talking about a door in the traditional sense.

Check out Bad Gyal and Govana’s ‘Open The Door’ below.

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