Beenie Man- ‘Don’t Say Nuttin’

Beenie Man urges Elephant Man to ‘Don’t Say Nuttin’ as he drops a diss track bringing the heat to Elephant Man as their beef begins to ramp up. 

Beenie Man responds to Elephant Man and there is nothing subliminal about this one, with even the artwork going straight at Elephant Man.

Beenie Man is taking no prisoners on this track, restating the point he made on ‘Our Grung’, saying Ding Dong is out performing Elephant Man, referring to Elephant Man as “irrelevant man” in the process, even interpolating “Wul Dem Deh” from Ding Dong’s  ‘Fling Yuh Shoulder’ in the diss track. Beenie Man does not hold back on this track and clearly isn’t happy about some of the allegations thrown his way on ‘Nah Talk’. 

Let’s see if Elephant Man takes Beenie’s advice to “Don’t Say Nuttin” or if he decides to come back with the same intensity as Beenie Man. 

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