Beenie Man x Kunley Da Kulprit- ‘Leave It’

Beenie Man seems to be telling a certain person just to ‘Leave It’, they don’t want to come up against him and his lyrical weaponry. 

Whilst not directly mentioning a certain persons name, could this be a subliminal track telling a certain person (Elephant Man) that he really shouldn’t come up against the King of the Dancehall.

Beenie Man brings his extensive lyrical arsenal on this track comparing himself to the well known gangster Jim Brown, Beenie Man’s lyrics are full of badness and gun talk, someone is about to catch some lyrical shots if they don’t ‘Leave It’.  Beenie Man advises a certain someone just to ‘Leave It’ on this track, I guess we will just have to wait if this certain someone acknowledges the warning. 

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