‘Big Baller’ Riddim

Govana- ‘Hombre’ 

Govana is ready to get aggressive with his ‘Hombre’ on his first track on the the ‘Big Baller’ riddim (spoiler alert, he has two tracks on the riddim) as he prepares to make someone’s “eyes roll back”. Govana is strapped up and is not taking any chat from anyone, their will be serious repercussions to stepping against Govana on this one. 

Aidonia- ‘Big Baller’ 

Aidonia comes with the title track for the riddim. The hottest track on the roads in Jamaica right now, ‘Big Baller’. This is a certified hit record. Aidonia bigs himself up as the ‘Big Baller’ as he continues to make money and spend it lavishly. 

Govana ft. Extacy- ‘Stop Tell Lie’ 

Govana hates liars on this track with Extacy, as they both call out those that are chatting s**t about them on the roads. Govana breaks them down as haters, that will say anything because they simply can’t compete with him and Extacy.

I Waata- ‘Genna Jetlife’ 

I Waata promotes the ‘Genna Jetlife’ as he can fly out whenever he wants, he’s living his best life, surrounded by the finest girls, everyone wants a piece of I Waata. 

Intence- ‘Real Bredda’

Intence represents for his ‘Real Bredda’ dem the ones that were with him when they were all smoking one spliff on the roads, the ones that have been with him since the beginning. They have been tested in their times together and remained loyal. 

Jayds- ‘White Liver’ 

Jayds has found a girl that wants to get with the 4th Genna gang, she wants a side man and she wants to drink and head to the bedroom with Jayds. 

Kyodi- ‘Super Sub’ 

Kyodi is the ‘Super Sub’ to the ‘Big Baller’ Aidonia, he is coming in off the bench on the riddim and dropping on the biggest tracks on the riddim, bigging up Aidonia for featuring him on the riddim. He’s jumped off the bench and he’s starring on the riddim. Kyodi is the ‘Super Sub’. 

Mad Patience- ‘Inna The Club’ 

Mad Patience is in the nightclub and looking for some girls that want to join him in the bedroom, that’s his sole aim and I’m sure he is going to find someone that is interested.

Presskay- ‘Must Stay’ 

Presskay is stealing someone’s man on ‘Must Stay’, she’s bigging up all her abilities on the riddim and telling everyone to treat their man right, otherwise she will come in and steal their man. 

Shokryme- ‘Level Up’ 

It’s time to ‘Level Up’ with Shokryme, it’s time to turn up, he’s got the drinks ready and just wants to celebrate life. 

Size 10- ‘Panty Parrot’ 

Size 10 is no ‘Panty Parrot’ he is not talking about any of his experiences in the bedroom on the ends, that information is staying between him and his partners, Size 10 is no “Panty Parrot”. 

Tanso- ‘Gadhaffi’ 

Tanso will happily take extreme measures if you are looking to take him for a flow, he will happy get the strap out and “buss the head” if he has to, he isn’t going back to poverty and will take every measure he can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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