Big Zeeks drops EP ‘Empress’

UK Dancehall artist Big Zeeks drops EP ‘Empress’

Coming off a series of successful singles including ‘It’s A Lot of Money’, ‘Flavours’ and ‘Ya Unnastand’, Big Zeeks has been having a successful 2018, even featuring on a remix of ‘Walking Trophy’.

‘Empress’ continues this success with some very impressive work from Big Zeeks, featuring 4 brand new tracks, Big Zeeks is really displaying some skill on this EP. As the name suggests, on this EP Big Zeeks is really focusing on the women.

The real standout tracks on this EP are ‘My Corner’ and ‘Special’. ‘My Corner’ focuses on Big Zeeks’ advances to a girl whilst he’s “chilling pon di corner” and his plans further down the line, it’s catchy track and starts off the EP very well. ‘Special’ which features Chelsi Lauren is more of a slow jam, with Big Zeeks focusing on the special love he receives from a certain girl and comes as a brilliant ending track to the EP.

Check out Big Zeeks’ EP below

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