‘Blueprint’ Riddim

Jah Vinci- ‘Give Thanks For Life’ 

Jah Vinci gives thanks for life on this track, giving thanks for everything in his life, his success and for being guided through all the tough times in life.

Alloby- ‘Life Soon Great’

Alloby looks forward to success in his life on this track, reflecting on the darker times in his life and looking forward towards better times, as life will soon be great and things will change.

Chino Brawlin- ‘No Time To Waste’

Chino Brawlin tells us all there is no time to waste when trying to get success and get the house on the hill. Chino looks to work towards better times and more success.

Jahbari- ‘Hurt Mi Heart’

The track begins with a news report about someone’s passing after a violent attack in Kingston, Jahbari comes in with a smoothing melody, singing about how much it hurts him to see violence occurring against children on the streets of Jamaica.

Artikal- ‘Stand Firm’ 

Artikal stands firm and stays strong against changing your morals and not choosing to go into violence and crime. He tells the youth to stay strong to their morals and not to choose to go into crime.

JahDale- ‘Fascinated’ 

JahDale comes with something different from the moral and conscious centred efforts on this riddim. Instead focusing on a girl with the “tight needle eye” that has him fascinated, throughout the track JahDale focuses on different aspects of this girl that have him fascinated and mean he can’t get her off his mind.

D’Uptimis- ‘Blueprint’

D’Uptimis comes with the title track on this riddim, telling everyone that hard work does not go in vain and to stay true to your aims, giving everyone the “Blueprint” to success.



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