Chase Cross ft. Wayne Anthony- ‘Let Him Go’

Chase Cross stands out up against domestic violence with Florida based singer Wayne Anthony on ‘Let Him Go’, tackling a very serious issue incredibly well and also making a real powerful piece of music. 

Chase Cross is joined by Wayne Anthony on ‘Let Him Go’, this is Chase Cross’ first release in  which he has acted as an activist for a serious issue, with the issue of domestic violence being something that Chase Cross has wanted to combat for a long time. Chase Cross and Wayne Anthony tell those that are the victims of domestic violence that no man that loves you would treat you that way and that you and that you should ‘Let Him Go’. 

Wayne Anthony provides incredible melodies and vocals throughout the track, with the message of the track being incredibly clear through his brilliantly delivered lyrics. Chase Cross adds a lot of substance to the track in his verses, breaking down some of the issues surrounding domestic violence in a way often not attempted in music. Chase Cross demonstrates a lot of versatility as an artist on the track, but also an ability to write incredibly poignant and important lyrics. 

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