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Chezeeko- ‘Control Me’

Up-and-coming UK artist Chezeeko comes with a vibesy slow jam on new track ‘Control Me’ which dropped on GRM Daily yesterday.

Chezeeko, who has had previous success with tracks like ‘Saucy’ which has gone on to hit almost 140,000 views on Link Up TV; and ‘Sometimes’ which also dropped on Link UP TV and hit 21,000 views. He has also pworked alongside big names from the UK like Sneakbo and Afro B.

Chezeeko continues his ‘Saucy’ reputation with ‘Control Me’.

‘Control Me’ sees Chezeeko coming with an explicit slow jam. Going into the explicit details of his love life with his “queen” and the ways in which he makes her “wet like the ocean”.

Chezeeko has got a really good track here and shows a lot of promise here. Showing both the impressive ways in which he can use his vocals on a track, but also his ability to build a really track, with a strong hook and really strong verses.

Think we need to get used to hearing the name Chezeeko.

Check out Chezeeko’s ‘Control Me’

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