Chronic Law- ‘Ano Holiday Badness’

Chronic Law represents 6ix on ‘Ano Holiday Badness’ dropping a badman Christmas track, Christmas carols going down here, just hardcore dancehall intended for the streets.

Chronic Law has the streets of Jamaica talking right now as he continues to represent for the 6ix and Montego Bay, dropping some of the hardest hardcore dancehall tracks this yeah, with incredible recent releases like ‘Government’, ‘Brawling Murder’ and ‘No Saint’ creating a huge buzz for Chronic Law in Jamaica. 

On ‘Ano Holiday Badness’ Chronic Law is taking no days off, he “doesn’t just buss shot New Years Night”, shots are creating buss throughout the Christmas period. Don’t challenge Chronic Law or you will be paying the consequences, he will happily pull up “inna leather ride” and show you the consequences of coming against the 6ix. 

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