Chronic Law- ‘Celebrate’

It’s time to ‘Celebrate’ with St Thomas native Chronic Law as he drops a new single produced by Seanizzle.

Chronic Law certainly has a lot to ‘Celebrate’ following the year he had in 2018, with smash hits ‘Government’ and ‘Hill Top Badness’ behind him heading into 2019, Chronic Law is making the whole of dancehall look towards St Thomas as we being 2019.

‘Celebrate’ sees Chronic Law celebrating that very same success, looking back on his career and the decisions he made along his journey to success, looking back on he was broke and couldn’t money to buy food. But now that Chronic Law has found success through his music it’s time to ‘Celebrate’, he credits his hard work and determination as his driving forces to success.

It’s time to ‘Celebrate’ with Chronic Law below

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