Chronic Law- ‘Never Stop Trying’

Chronic Law tells us to ‘Never Stop Try’ as he looks to inspire everyone whilst he looks at his own path to success and his determination along the way.

Chronic Law is yet another artist from Montego Bay to explode in 2018, alongside Teejay, Rygin King, Squash and Shane E, Chronic Law has made the whole of dancehall look towards Mo Bay and recognise the incredible level of talent coming out of Jamaica’s second city.

The Montego Bay scene has shown a willingness to collaborate and work with each other and push the scene as a whole, opposed to the crab in a barrel mentality that has effected dancehall coming out of Kingston for a long time and it is an incredibly refreshing thing to see.

‘Never Stop Try’ sees Chronic Law break down his path to success, the nights he would go to the studio with his weapon because he was scared for his life, the struggle of losing his brother and cousin and the difficulties of seeing those around him succeed before him. But Chronic Law never gave up, he “never badmind”, he just kept believing in himself and pushing for success. Now he is here and is succeeding he is looking at the importance of ‘Never Stop Try’ and how it got him to where he is.

Listen to Chronic Law break down his path to success on ‘Never Stop Trying’ below.

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