Corleone ft. Masicka ‘Pon The Corner’- Video

UK rapper Corleone drops video for ‘Pon The Corner’ featuring Masicka.

‘Pon the Corner’ came out back in June with Masicka dropping the hook and Corleone working the verses. This track is yet another well produced UK x Jamaica collaboration and really shows the promise of both of these genres of music.

The video does not actually feature Masicka, but features shots of Corleone in locations around London, focusing on quite gritty landscapes, which perfectly reflects the mood of the track that focuses on the importance of hustling to get out of bad situations and trying to move forward.

Corleone has long been a feature of the UK rap scene but has been quite quiet in recent years, so it’s quite nice to see him on a track with Masicka and looking to alter the style that he has used previously.

Check out the video for ‘Pon The Corner’ below

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