‘Count Your Blessings’ Riddim

Pressure Busspipe- ‘Fyah’

Pressure Busspipe is going to bun ‘Fyah’ to keep away the wicked man and Babylonian system. Pressure is here to expose the truth and show the corruption in the Babylonian system. Pressure is going to cleanse this system and show everyone the errors in the Babylonian system.

King Mas- ‘Flip The Script’

King Mas is going to ‘Flip The Script’ with his lyrics, showing the truth in his songs, he is not going to let anyone hold information from the people, he is going to expose the information in the lyrics that he sings.

Keznamdi- ‘Count My Blessings’

Keznamdi is full of joy, he might not have a great deal of money, but he is still going to ‘Count My Blessings’. He is looking at all that he has in life, his family, his “pretty little daughter” and he can’t find any faults in his life, show he is going to give thanks and praises to the almighty.

Zagga- ‘Let Love Live’

Zagga wants love to live and hate to die, he only wants to see good vibes, he doesn’t want to see people fighting each other, he just wants to see people living together in harmony. Zagga knows love is the only way that we can combat the Babylonian system, if everyone continues to fight for what they believe in.

Natel- ‘Still Gonna Love You’

Natel is ‘Still Gonna Love You’ no matter what the situation, no matter how rough the situations get, Natel is going to stick with you and love you. Natel is never going to leave when the problems pile up, he is going to stay by your side and combat the problems with you.

Jah Vinci- ‘Ready To War’

Jah Vinci is ‘Ready To War’ for what he believes in, he can see the problems in the system around him and he knows that serious action is needed to change the system. Jah Vinci is fighting for Jah to see the change that is needed in the world.

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