Damage Skongdem- ‘Jehovia’

Upcoming artist Damage Skongdem is feeling spiritual on his latest release ‘Jehovia’ which debuted last week on Akam Entertainment. 

‘Jehovia’ sees Damage Skongdem reflecting on his relationship with the almighty, thanking ‘Jehovia’ for the support and guidance the almighty has given him throughout his journery through the “battlefield”. Damage Skongdem looks at the “crab inna barrell” mentality around him and thanks the almighty for not dragging him towards that mentality, Skongdem is always moving forward with “signatures of every check”. Skongdem is using the guidance of the almighty to push his music to new levels and continue succeeding. 

Listen to Damage Skongdem give praise to the almighty for his guidance and support on ‘Jehovia’ below 

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