‘Deep Sleep’ Riddim

Alkaline- Deep Sleep 

With Alkaline opening the track with the line “big like the Mafia” Alkaline isn’t playing around on this one with “his links big like the Mafia”. This is a track full of gun talk from Alkaline with the hook “deep sleep, shut eye, in a coffin box, him mumma haffi just cry”. The real standout element of this track is Alkaline’s use of his vocals on the hook with the echoed singing behind the hook.

Star Captyn- ‘Lights Out’ 

Another track on this riddim that focuses on gun talk from Star Captyn, with Star Captyn focusing on the repercussions for trying to war the deejay. Representing the Vendetta camp throughout the song and graphically describing the details of what will happen if you go against the camp.

Sashie Cool- ‘Ghetto Hollywood’ 

This is an inspirational track from ‘Hollywood’ again representing the Vendetta clan, but this time focusing on the rewards his success, the clothes he is able to buy. On the track he also remembers his time struggling in the ghetto before he had success and how that makes him appreciate his current life more.

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