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Devin Di Dakta- ‘Yah Suh or Deh Suh’- Video

Devin Di Dakta drops his first single of 2019 as he wants the girls to choose between over ‘Yah Suh or Deh Suh’ on the T- Whizz produced single, but they already know they are going to head towards Di Dakta.

Devin Di Dakta only wants the bad gyals on ‘Yah Suh or Deh Suh’, Di Dakta is stepping on the road in his freshest clothes as his “style dem ah kick something like Bolt or Pogba” every gyal wants a piece of Devin Di Dakta on this track when he is flowing “like magma”. Devin Di Dakta is ready to take every man’s gyal on his first release of 2019.

Will you choose over ‘Yah Suh or Deh Suh’ choose your side below.

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