Dexta Daps- ‘Dash It Out’

It’s time to ‘Dash It Out’ with Dexta Daps, as he once again proves that he is the master of the sensual dancehall track, changing up his style a little dropping a sensual track on a fast paced riddim.

It’s time to ‘Dash It Out’ with Dexta Daps as he drops his first single in 2019. Dexta Daps is doing what he does best on this track, he’s ready to take away someone’s gyal as they are getting addicted to his skills in the bedroom. Dexta Daps has got this girl addicted “like a crack addict”. Dexta Daps is seriously showing off his prowess in the bedroom on this track.

‘Dash It Out’ with Dexta Daps below

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