‘Dual Citizen’ Riddim

Konshens- ‘Up Life’ 

Konshens gets inspirational on ‘Up Life’ telling us it time to change how we are living, reflecting on his success coming from negative 0. Looking at the ‘Up Life’ he has now, telling us all to stick to our dreams and don’t let anything get in your way, the haters or people trying to use you. Konshens reflects on the unfortunate passing of his brother Delus on this track, telling listeners it continues to motivate him as he wants to make his brother proud. 

Jah Cure- ‘Red Eyes’ 

Jah Cure only sees green on this track, his ganja and his cash are the only things on his mind, he does have time to see “red” like those around him that are obsessing about the drama and fussing and fighting. 

I Octane- ‘Hot Sauce’ 

I Octane comes with the ‘Hot Sauce’ which is making the gyaldem mad ova I Octane. I Octane is coming through saucy and he doesn’t care if he is taking away your gyal. He’s coming through in the freshest clothes freshest cars and freshest cologne. 

Charly Black- ‘Sexpert’ 

Charly Black presents his credentials as the ‘Sexpert’ on this one, telling us all about his techniques and style in the bedroom, taking his party from the dance to the bedroom seamlessly. 

TiA- ‘Overdue’ 

TiA is looking to do anything for her special someone on this track despite the best wishes of her friends. TiA looks at the time between her and her special someone as being long ‘Overdue’, as she tries to keep her mind off the bad aspects of their relationship. 

Christopher Martin- ‘Bloodline’ 

Christopher Martin is staying true to his true friends on this track, looking at all the gifts he has been given in life, the girls around him and his success in music. His friends might not be in his ‘Bloodline’ but they might as well be as they are his brothers and sisters. 

D Major- ‘Red Alert’ 

D Major is getting a ‘Red Alert’ from those that are starting to show their true colours. As soon as he gets the signs that someone is a fake friend or is hanging around for the wrong reasons, D Major gets his ‘Red Alert’.

Trekar- ‘Python’ 

Trekar looks at the snakes aka ‘Python’ in his circle those that will change up for success, those that are staying around for the wrong reasons, whether that be for a visa or a BMW, Trekar issues a warning to watch out for the snakes, look for the warnings, as you “never see smoke without fire”. 

Eskay- ‘Star Quality’ 

Eskay is always in first place on ‘Star Quality’ she isn’t even in the same league as the other girls she sees around her. She has mischievous aims as she looks to take the Benz away from some of the men distracted by her. 

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