Elephant Man- ‘Nah Talk’

Following a diss from Beenie Man on ‘Our Grung’, Elephant Man drops a full diss track with ‘Nah Talk’ going fully in on Beenie Man. Elephant Man is not holding back on this one, reigniting the long held beef between the two.

With Beenie Man dropping the quick one line diss to Elephant Man on ‘Our Grung’ with “from Ding Dong start sing the dancing song dem, Elephant Man don’t find none”. Elephant Man couldn’t let that disrespect slide and came with ‘Nah Talk’ which accuses Beenie Man of some things that are a lot more serious than losing the dancing song formula.

Elephant Man stresses on ‘Nah Talk’ that he isn’t going to talk about some of the things that he knows about Beenie Man, but at the same time talks quite a lot about some of the accusations facing Beenie Man, including being responsible for the death of Bogle. It seems like Elephant Man can’t hold his tongue for much longer.

Will this fully reignite the long standing beef between the two or will this just be a flash in the pan, we will have to wait and see.



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