‘Enviable’ Riddim

Christopher Martin- ‘Dragon and Magnum’

Christopher Martin is looking for a mutually enjoyable experience in the bedroom with a special someone, the only thing he asks in return is that they provide a ‘Dragon and Magnum’. Christopher Martin knows what he needs in order to aid his performance, with his ‘Dragon and Magnum’ he is going to last all night.

Bugle- ‘Positive Only’

Bugle is looking for positive vibes only, he is not going to deal with any badmind people and he certainly isn’t going to complain about anything. Bugle just wants positive news, he wants to enjoy life and avoid everything negative.

Shane O- ‘Lascivious’

Shane O comes with the hardest track title to pronounce on the riddim with ‘Lascivious’. Shane O is looking for a girl to give him all the pleasure he wants, he’s got a precise set of instructions and wants a girl that can fulfil all of them.

Patexx- ‘Nah Dash It Weh’

Patexx has been praying to reach where he is now, he appreciates everything he has, he is not going to waste his money, because he remembers the times he had no money and doesn’t want to go back there. Patexx is going to save more than he spends and make sure that he never has to go back to where he was before.

G-Whizz- ‘Change Up’

G-Whizz reflects on his ‘Change Up’ as he looks back to where he was before to where he is now. G-Whizz remembers waking up in the ghetto and looking towards a brighter future and praying that he would make it to where he is now. Now that he is here he wants to inspire the ghetto youth to pursue their own dreams.

Daine Blaze- ‘Bruk It Off’

Dane Blase is looking for a gyal to ‘Bruk It Off’, he is looking for a gyal to “f**k mi awesome”. A gyal that possesses all the skills and attributes that he is looking for in the bedroom.

Singer J- ‘Cut & Clear’

Singer J drops an inspirational anthem on ‘Cut & Clear’ as he looks for the almighty to watch over him as he ‘Cut & Clear’ all the badmind people in his life. Singer J doesn’t want anything to do with these wicked people, he isn’t afraid of the consequences because he knows the almighty will be watching over him.

Itakay- ‘Step By Step’

Itakay has taken her journey to success ‘Step By Step’, she has been knocked down but she has risen up and continued. She is going to show everyone her skills but she is taking in ‘Step By Step’, Itakay isn’t going to get ahead of herself.

Alfray- ‘Timbuktu’

Alfray thought he had found his Queen that he could take anywhere from “Timbuktu or Tokyo” but she just kept breaking his heart, with the girl he though would be his Queen eventually packing up and leaving him. Alfray reflects on how this whole experience effected him on ‘Timbuktu’.

Tearah- ‘Nuh Bait’

Tearah knows the girls are taking ‘Nuh Bait’, they aren’t looking for a man that is going to bait them in with lies, they are looking for the real deal, someone that can take care of them and treat them. Tearah aims to be just that.

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