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Fuse ODG ft. Damian Marley- ‘Bra Fie’

Damian Marley has linked up with UK based Afrobeats sensation Fuse ODG to release the incredibly powerful single ‘Bra Fie’, which translates from the Ghanaian language ‘twi’ as ‘Come Home’.

Damian Marley and Fuse ODG link up on this track with a powerful repatriation anthem. Looking towards Africa as the motherland, preaching the importance of self love and remembering where you are coming from. Perhaps, the most powerful section of the track is the verse from Damian Marley in which he combats Western society, with it’s “brainwashing curriculum. Damian Marley ends his verse saying that until he is welcomed back into the promised land (Africa) he will not give up the struggle, preaching self love and the importance of repatriation.

Check out Fuse ODG’s and Damian Marley’s ‘Bra Fie’ below

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