‘Gang Gang’ Riddim

Sean Paul- ‘Gang Gang’ 

Sean Paul represents for the ‘Gang Gang’ on this track, bigging up all his day ones, his closest friends that have been their since “foundation”. Sean Paul bigs up everyone that has stuck by him throughout his whole career. Sean Paul is instantly cutting off anyone that tries to diss. 

Chi Ching Ching- ‘Man A Guh Hard’ 

Chi Ching Ching tells us all that he has been going hard since the beginning so he deserves all his success and the rewards of his success, telling the haters to step back when criticising him because he deserves his success. 

Spragga Benz- ‘Nah Worry Bout Dem’ 

Spragga Benz doesn’t worry about his haters, he is beyond concerning himself with people that don’t like him, he is too busy chasing success and money. He doesn’t care about the people preeing his moves and hating on what he is doing. 

Konshens- ‘God A Come’ 

Konshens is still feeling the x-rated vibes from his mixtape Raw on ‘God A Come’ dropping an explicit track with ‘God A Come’.  Konshens boasts about his sexual prowess on this track, comparing himself to somewhat of a sexual God. 

Ishawna- ‘Ride It’ 

Ishawna isn’t afraid to ride something all night on this track. Dropping another explicit track on this riddim. Ishawna similarly to Konshens boasts of her prowess in the bedroom, saying that her skills will soon be making you give her all your money. 

Farenizzi- ‘Tonight’ 

Farenizzi is ready to give someone the experience of a life time ‘Tonight’, Farenizzi is yet another artist that boats of their sexual prowess on the track, as he tells us all that his skills will have the girls hitting his phone up all night. 

Sean Paul- ‘Look Quick’ 

Sean Paul tells everyone to ‘Look Quick’ as he busts his lyrics like an automatic. Sean Paul is doing everything first, satisfying the gyaldem, bussing his lyrics, everything Sean Paul is doing is quick so he has more time to chase the riches and success. 

Suku Ward- ‘Si Di D**k Deh’

As the title suggests prepare for Suku Ward to get explicit on this track, he’s got only one intention on this track and that is to get a gyal to see “Si Di D**k Deh” with Suku Ward bragging of his prowess in the bedroom. 

Dan Java- ‘Ting Yuh Do’ 

Dan Java tells us all the tings that a certain girl does that has him mesmerised, breaking down everything that has him feeling some kind of way about a certain girl. 

Ras Ajai- ‘Money Fi Run’ 

Money is Ras Ajai’s aim he doesn’t want to get involved in badness and he doesn’t want people on the street to live through badness as well, he just wants everyone to chase the money. 

Sotto Bless- ‘Violent Man’ 

Sotto Bless isn’t a ‘Violent Man’ but don’t push him as he will happily buss his gun if he has to. He wasn’t born a violent man and he’d rather stay away from badness and crime, but if someone makes him do it he will turn violent.

Wayne Marshall- ‘What Will It Take’ 

Wayne Marshall tells us all to keep it positive to spread peace and love through every community, Wayne Marshall asks ‘What Will It Take’ to fix some of the issues in society and goes through with a solution on this track. 

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