‘Girls Night Out’ Riddim

D’Angel- ‘Frighten Friday’ 

D’Angel isn’t frightened on Fridays, she isn’t being used by any man when she hits the party, she is going to use them. D’Angel is going to flip the situation she is not going to let any man use her, she may even turn around and use them. 

Starface- ‘Girls Night Out’ 

Emerging dancehall artiste Starface comes with the title track on this riddim, as she gets ready to celebrate on a ‘Girls Night Out’ and live her best life. She is dressed up in her finest clothes, she knows that she is on fleek and she isn’t scared to tell everybody. 

Stacious- ‘Step Out’ 

Stacious is ready to ‘Step Out’ and whine, she knows she is looking sexy, she is independent and ready to enjoy life. Stacious isn’t letting anyone waste her time, she is here to have fun and isn’t letting anyone distract her as she steps out. 

Pamputtae- ‘Cyaa Style Me’

Pamputtae isn’t letting anyone style her on this track, she is full of class and isn’t being taken for a fool by anyone. No man is on what she is on and she knows it, she is tired of being treated badly and she isn’t going to take it anymore, she isn’t going to let any man get to her, she would rather just be on her own. 

Macka Diamond- ‘Christmas Gift’ 

Macka Diamond meets a young man “20 plus 7” and has a very pleasant experience with said man, likening her experience to both heaven and a Christmas gift. This man must be pretty pleased with the review he has received from Macka Diamond. 

Shauna Chyn- ‘White Christmas’ 

Shauna Chyn is dripping in diamonds and money with her new man as he pulls up in his Benz Shauna Chyn knows she is going to have a ‘White Christmas’ full of “bare tings”. Fair to say she is quite excited for Christmas with her new man. 

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