‘Gold Coin’ Riddim

Anthony B- ‘To Party’

Anthony B doesn’t come to fuss and fight, he comes here to enjoy himself and party. He wants to shutdown the party with good vibes celebrating his success and living his best life, drinking the best drinks, shelling down the party, spending money and heaping the rewards of his success. 

Wayne Wonder x Vershon- ‘Oh Girl’ 

Wayne Wonder and Vershon are here for the girls on this track, dedicating this one to a girl that is “likkle and cute”, Vershon and Wayne Wonder want to she her best moves, wearing her best clothes and just enjoying their company. 

Delly Ranx- ‘Accident’ 

Delly Ranx is dedicating this track to the girls that are “no Accident” the girls that men are attracted to for a reason and not for an “accident”.  Delly Ranx breaks down what he means by that in the track, so I’m going to let his music do the talking. 

Bay-C- ‘Stocks & Bonds’ 

Bay-C takes the name of this riddim very seriously on ‘Stocks & Bonds’ looking at increasing investment, advising everyone that money is “best spent on investment” giving us some very well needed financial advice, telling everyone to keep grinding if they want to be rich like “Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg” 

Idu- ‘Youths Dem Cold’ 

IDU reflects on the realities of life in Jamaica, looking at some of the actions of the youths in the ghetto with innocent people dying due to the constant violence on the streets of Jamaica, IDU wonders if the “Youths Dem Cold” on this track. 

Kadijahh- ‘No Title’ 

Kadijahh is confused as to what title she has on this track, she doesn’t know if she is a ‘matie’ or a ‘wife’ on this track, with Kadijahh concluding that if her man/not her man can’t decide her title then he doesn’t deserve her. 

Qraig- ‘Bills’ 

Qraig doesn’t want anyone to tell him how to spend his money on ‘Bills’, they don’t pay his bills, they aren’t with him whilst he’s hustling in the hot sun so Qraig isn’t listening to them. Qraig gives everyone that wants to criticise his spending decisions some advice, simply don’t question how Qraig wants to spend his money. 

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