Govana Di General- The emergence of Govana in 2018

Originally known under the name of Deablo, Govana has come along way in Dancehall, working under the guidance of Aidonia for many years, Govana has begun to really takeoff in 2018, with a series of hits that have really pushed him towards the status of one of the best deejays in 2018.

Govana started 2018, with the release of the video for ‘Gyal Thief’ on the 1st of January, ‘Gyal Thief’ originally came out in March 2017, but the video was a perfect way to start off the year from Govana, highlighting some of his recent success by also including visuals for ‘Dozen + 10’ at the end of video.

‘Rich Forever’ came next, which was voiced over the ‘Life’s Path Riddim’ and came out in February, with the deejay shouting out his goals for “more money and some fat p***y gyal inna mi bed”. ‘Rich Forever’ was one of the highlights on the ‘Life’s Path Riddim’, which featured the likes of Konshens, I-Octane and Masicka.

Govana quickly came back with one of the best tracks of 2018 in ‘Bake Bean’, which sees him boasting of his level of sauce as he says that he is “full of sauce, like Bake Bean”, this is one of the most catchy songs of 2018 and really displays the deejay’s lyrical skills. This track came out in March and really started to build some hype around Govana.

Govana’s next release in April, saw a different look from the deejay with Govana calling in Jada Kingdom to feature in ‘Better Than That’, which sees Govana using a lot smoother vocals than we had seen from him to this point, with many points of the track being a duet between the two. This track really began demonstrate Govana’s versatility, which since this track has become even more apparent.

‘One and Move’ and ‘Hot Topic’ came out in May, with ‘Hot Topic’ coming out 3 days after ‘One and Move’, both tracks have quite a similar vibe with both being uptempo effort from Govana, with both tracks focusing on the effects that Govana has on the women in his life, both dealing with them being overly possessive. ‘One and Move’ went on to receive a video in July.

In Govana’s next release ‘Knock It’ , he changed up the mood again coming with an aggressive gun talk laden track, something which we hadn’t seen from the deejay in 2018, combined with the Seanizzle produced ‘Friday the 13th’ riddim, ‘Knock It’ is a very ominous sounding track and displayed another level to Govana’s skills as a deejay.

Govana was really set on taking over in 2018, coming with possibly one of the biggest songs of the year so far with ‘Champ’ at the beginning of August, released at the same time as the video for the track. On ‘Champ’ Govana turns to create an inspirational track focusing on his path to success, fittingly the video features highlights of Govana’s comeup from his days as Deablo, to interviews on Onstage TV and to Reggae Sumfest.

‘Inna Di Sky’ and ‘All of It’ are Govana’s most recent releases and continue to build on an incredible year for the deejay so far, with ‘Inna Di Sky’ which is on the ‘Money Order Riddim’ focusing on Govana success and how he is now ‘inna di sky’ above his haters. ‘All of It’ sees Govana change up yet again coming with a slow jam to round off his work so far this year.

Another real standout track for Govana in 2018 was his feature on Vershon’s ‘Weh Dem Know Bout’, which focuses on both of the deejays struggles in getting to where they are now, again another impressive effort from Govana showing lyrical skill, with lyrics that have both a profound meaning to Govana and those listening.

Govana’s versatility has really stood out this year, as the deejay has shown a really well rounded profile of music so far this year, ranging from straight gun talk with ‘Knock It’ to slow jams with ‘All of It’ and even getting inspirational with ‘Inna Di Sky’ and ‘Champ’. 2018 has been a great year for Govana, let’s see what he comes with over the next two months and see if he can claim the title of best deejay in 2018. 

Check out Govana’s work in 2018 so far below.


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