Govana- ‘Hombre’

Govana rolls through with his ‘Hombre’ on the Big Baller Riddim issuing a warning to anyone that wants to step in his way. 

Govana is ready to get dutty on ‘Hombre’ with his guns coming straight from the US Govana is not afraid to let it fly at his opponents going with a track full of gun talk as he issues a warning to anyone that wants to step in his way. Ready to “squeeze it inna face” Govana is ready to send some people to “live inna di earth” and is quite honest with his intentions, even going as far to lie face down in the dirt “like a real sniper” to get the job done.  

In a year where Govana has mainly hit it big with inspirational and girl songs, Govana still shows his skill coming with a real badman tune full of gun talk on ‘Hombre’ showing off lyrical skill on this track and still showing the versatility which has put him as one of the top performers in 2018. 

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