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Govana- ‘Shrimp Patty’

Govana releases his new single ‘Shrimp Patty’ after teasing it’s release yesterday on his Instagram, if you were coming here for a restrained song about everyone’s favourite Jamaican pastry you might be a bit shocked.

‘Shrimp Patty’ is a very explicit track from Govana and could be one of his best tracks so far in 2018, which is not easy feat to achieve, as Govana has had an incredible year so far. The hook for ‘Shrimp Patty’ sees Govana bigging up “every gyal with a tight p***y”, with the deejay really just flexing his “Gyal Thief” credentials throughout the track. The video sees a miniature Govana just hanging out with some attractive women at a waterfall, finding himself in some enviable situations.

Check out ‘Shrimp Patty’ below

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