‘Grand Time’ Riddim Prod. Bulpus Productions

Busy Signal- ‘Some Boy’

Busy Signal isn’t just ‘Some Boy’, he just follow any other man, he spends his own cash, he isn’t begging for a drink, he isn’t preeing the brands that other men are wearing. Busy Signal is in a league of his own, he isn’t just ‘Some Boy’.

Vershon – ‘Humble’

Vershon is guaranteeing that despite all of his success he is going to stay ‘Humble’. Humbleness is the key to survive and Vershon is going to stay that way, he isn’t going to rush anything, he is going to keep to himself and ensure that he finds his own success.

Shenseea – ‘Sticks and Stones’

Shenseea is letting the haters to get to her on ‘Sticks and Stones’. ‘Sticks and Stones’ may break Shenseea’s bones but words aren’t going to hurt her, she is just going to ignore everything the haters have to say, they can talk as much as they want, Shenseea is never going to listen.

Craigy T – ‘F**k Gal’

Craigy T’s success is bringing him a lot of things, but one thing that is on his mind right now is gyal. Craigy T is looking to ‘F**k Gal’ and breed them, he isn’t focusing on the haters or badmind people that are out to get him, he’s just focusing on the gyals.

X-Treme Measure – ‘Right Wuk’

Get ready to get the ‘Right Wuk’ from X-Treme Measure, he’s ready to show the gyaldem that he has all the right moves in the dance and he is going to guarantee a ‘Right Wuk’.

Delly Ranx – ‘Position’

It’s all about the ‘Position’ with Delly Ranx when it comes to wining, he’s looking for a gyal to get in the right positions with her hands on her knees for Delly Ranx to show his wining skills.

T.O.K – ‘Whine up You Body’

T.O.K are looking for gyals with the flexibility, the agility and for the gyals that can buss all the right moves as they ‘Whine Up You Body’. T.O.K are ready to give them the right whine as they “bend over and touch yuh toe”.

K Queens – ‘Tic Tac’

K Queens knows how to control a man as she break out the ‘Tic Tac’, she knows all the moves to buss in the dance to make sure that men stay interested.

Mr. Easy – ‘Clean N Rolling’

Mr Easy is ‘Clean N Rolling’, no one can compete with Mr Easy when he steps on the road, they can try if they want to but his riches just allow him an extra level of cleanliness as he rolls through.

5Star Akil – ‘Hotta Than Furnace’

5 Star Akil has found a girl that is ‘Hotta Than Furnace’ and he wants to make sure that he can sample her wining, after sampling the whine, he knows exactly why he was so interested.

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