Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems- Jahazeil Myrie- ‘Hold On’

Jahazeil Myrie’s ‘Hold On’ which dropped, strangely enough, exactly a year ago today, could be one of the most underrated songs in recent years.

Jahazeil, if you didn’t already know is the son of the great Buju Banton and is beginning to emerge as one of the top upcoming talents out of Jamaica.

‘Hold On’ sees Jahazeil focusing on depression, a topic which is not often tackled in music, especially in reggae and dancehall. Telling everyone to remain positive and always look on the brighter side of life and everything will be ok. This is an incredibly deep and powerful song and tackles a really really important issue in such an incredible way.

This track really hasn’t received the credit it deserves.

Check out Jahazeil’s ‘Hold On’ below

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