I Octane- ‘Sexy Bad’

I Octane comes dedicates with one to the ‘Sexy Bad’ gyaldem as he is mesmerised by the girls that are “hotter than Africa”. 

I Octane has been keeping incredibly active over the last couple of months, with constant single and riddim releases I Octane is clearly looking to further establish his name at the top of dancehall, an aim he makes very clear on ‘Top Champ’ as he declares he is ready to “shell down 2019”. 

‘Sexy Bad’ is signature I Octane as he comes with a track for the gyaldem, I Octane uses the riddim paced riddim and his incredible vocals perfectly, making a track which like the girl he is mesmerised by is “hotter than Africa”. I Octane has created an infectious track with ‘Sexy Bad’ as he breaks down everything that this girl is doing that has him “under a spell”. 

Listen to I Octane toast the’Sexy Bad’ gyaldem on his latest single below. 

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