‘Illegal’ Riddim

I Octane- ‘Right Deh Suh’

I Octane tells everyone on this track that he simply just can’t get tired of getting girls, even dropping the incredible line “f**k anywhere inna di car, inna di bush, wi hitch up like wi animal’.

Kalado- ‘Bad Like’ 

No one is ‘Bad Like’ Kalado on this track, his cars, his clothes, his girls, his weed, no one can compete with Kalado on this one.

Marvin & Nickeisha- ‘Nuh Dirt’

No one can put dirt on Marvin and Nickeisha on this track, threatening anyone that tries to put dirt on their name. If you try Marvin and Nickeisha, you will get a right hand from Marvin and a bottle in the face from Nickeisha, so it’s probably not advised.

RDX- ‘National’

National dropped back in August, being the first song to be released on this riddim. RDX govern everything on this track, having more cash than a diplomat and committing almost every sin, RDX go hard on this track.

Lisa Hype- ‘Moscato’

Lisa Hype creates an ode to Moscato on this one, not wanting any bottled water or soda, she just wants Moscato.

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