Interview- Alexx A-Game

Alexx A-Game born Alex Gallimore, grew up in Wood’s Town, Discovery Bay in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Alexx A-Game previously featured as the lead singer in the Global Battle of the Bands winning ‘Di Blueprint Band’, before launching his solo career in 2014, with his first official single ‘A-Game Everyday’.

Alexx A-Game went on to release his first major project in 2015, with his mixtape ‘A-Game Everyday’. In May of the same year, Alexx A-Game released the single ‘No Time Fi Badmind’, which was so popular, on a promote tour, he went on to visit every parish in Jamaica within the space of four days. He followed the success of the single by announcing the ‘No Time Fi Badmind Tour’.

Following the ‘No Time Fi Badmind Tour’, Alexx A-Game received a huge cosign from Chronixx on BBC Radio 1 where he promoted Alexx A-Game as one of the most promising artists out of Jamaica, for the near future. This relationship was consolidated with Chronixx inviting A-Game on his ‘Capture Land’ Jamaica tour in December 2015.

Since 2015, Alexx A-Game has continued to make a name for himself both in Jamaica and internationally. Linking up with UK based record label ‘Swing Ting’ for a remix of his first single ‘A-Game Everyday’ in 2016. A-Game followed this with the release of the  mixtape ‘REALnTRUE Vol.1’.

2017, saw Alexx A-Game further cementing his international reputation teaming up with Austrian record label Irie Vibration to release a debut EP, which featured ‘I Know’ as the lead single. Which is an incredible motivational track that has gone on to do well in both  Jamaica and Europe. Especially in Germany, where it helped Alexx A-Game to be featured in the prominent German, Reggae/Dancehall publication, Riddim Magazine.

2018 could be Alexx A-Game’s biggest year yet. Three months ago, A-Game released the incredible single ‘Go Harda’. Which has since been given an amazing video, which is beautifully directed and tells six powerful stories.

In August, Alexx A-Game released what could be the biggest track of his career with  ‘Double’ which features international superstar Tory Lanez. This is an incredible look for Alexx A-Game and has really helped to push his career even further internationally, leading to a feature in the world famous hip hop magazine ‘The Source’; the video for the track has also gone on to be featured on the BET network.

Today, we had the pleasure of talking to Alexx A-Game about his career so far, his inspirations, his aspirations and some of his opinions on the reggae and dancehall scene.

What is the inspiration behind the name Alexx A Game?

Alexx A-Game- “Well the name Alexx A Game is a play on my real name, Alex Anthony Gallimore, adding an extra X to Alex, the A being for Anthony, and the A-Game part being self explanatory”

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Alexx A-Game- ” My biggest inspirations right now in terms of artists, are Damian Jr Gong Marley and Chronixx. In terms of mainstream artists Jay Z, Meek Mill and Drake. Listening to my music, my whole style and image is a universal vibe, it is not just a local vibe, I draw a lot of inspiration from people who are doing it big internationally”.

What was your motivation to get into music?

Alexx A-Game- “The main motivation is a mixture of a few things. My father, I come from a musical family, it helped me develop my love for music, listening to music and creating music.

I’ve always wanted to be very impactful, to change people’s mindsets, music is a very powerful tool. It is not easy. But I am able to capitalise of the god give talent and change people’s lives”.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Alexx A-Game- “My aim for the next 5 years is to accomplish every accolade in music. To develop other artists coming up.

Especially, people from where I am from, giving them the platform and resources to reach their highest potential”.

What’s your goal for the rest of 2018? 

Alexx A-Game- “For the last two months of 2018, campaigning heavy. Things are moving very fast. More people are taking to this culture and lifestyle.

I’ve got the record with Tory Lanez which is doing so well internationally and locally.

I’ve got a project that everyone can look forward to, it will be impactful on the urban scene.

I’m coming full force for the end of the year”.

What projects do you have coming up for 2019? 

Alexx A-Game- “Projects for next year, I nothing that I can speak of.

People can definitely look forward to some huge collaborations that we are locking in on right now.

I’ll be touring as well, so look out for Alexx A-Game in a town or city near you”

What’s the highlight of your career so far?

Alexx A-Game- “I wouldn’t pin point industry stuff. More like how people react to me. The shift in how regular people react to me, that is thing that made me feel like things were looking up”.

What song means the most to you?

Alexx A-Game- “Buju Banton- ‘Destiny’- There is something about that song that moves me spiritually. He is saying a lot, he is speaking in parable and spiritually, it connections with my whole intention and life”.

Who is in your dancehall all time top 5?

Alexx A-Game- “Big up all the legends and pioneers, but I grew up in the era of Mavado and Kartel

  1. Vybz Kartel
  2. Mavado
  3. Sizzla
  4. Capelton
  5. Buju Banton

Who is in your reggae all time top 5?

Alexx A-Game-

  1. Bob Marley
  2. Dennis Brown
  3. Freddie McGregor
  4. Sanchez
  5. Chronixx

What would be your dream collaboration? 

Alexx A-Game- “Rihanna for a whole lot of reasons.

One i’s Rihanna, it would be a very interesting collaboration, the Caribbean connection Barbados and Jamaica. We are both internationally marketable artists, me being a young gun and Rihanna having already been in the scene for a long time.

Plus, She’s sexy and I’m sexy”.

 Which non-reggae or dancehall artists would sound the best on a dancehall or reggae riddim?

Alexx A-Game- “Two people that would do really well, Drake and Tory Lanez, they’ve already shown that skill before. I think Meek Mill would also sound good on a dancehall riddim”

What is the story behind the song with Tory Lanez?

Alexx A-Game- ““That was something that we put out there, I just wrote the song and I could hear him being on it.

I was saying it to my bredrin, and then he took it to one of his bredrin and he also  said that Tory Lanez would sound perfect on it.

He then knew someone who knew Tory Lanez’s people. The song got sent to Tory Lanez and he loved it and wanted to record on the track”

Which one of your own songs, means the most to you?

Alexx A-Game- “Rise Up Now”- that is my personal favourite that has been released, there is a lot of stuff which means a lot to me that hasn’t been released yet. ‘Rise Up Now’ means a lot to me, reminds me of the whole mood when I was writing, the song  is very sentimental”

Alexx A-Game is yet another artist that is putting his all into moving these incredible genres of music forward and sounding incredible whilst he is doing it. He can see the potential of these genres on the international stage and knows exactly how to market himself in order to reach success. He has one of the biggest recent features in the dancehall scene and appears to be working to cement his reputation internationally. Alexx A-Game is definitely a man to watch, he is 100% going to the top, we at Destination Reggae ‘n’ Dancehall have total faith in his abilities and promise as an artist. 


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