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Boom Boom a.k.a World Boom a.k.a Billboard Selector is the man behind the biggest parties in Kingston, every week Boom Boom shells down Kingston with his party series starting on Sunday with Boom Sundays, followed on Monday with Uptown Mondays, which is then followed up on Tuesday with Boasy Tuesdays, Boom Boom’s events attract all the biggest artists in Jamaica, with clips from his events often going viral, as all the baddest dancers and performers come out to impress.

Boom Boom took a quick break from his hectic schedule to have a conversation with us. Discussing the development of his parties, his inspirations, the hottest tracks on the streets of Kingston and his aims for 2019. 

Boom Boom originally started holding parties “once a month“, “starting the big parties in 2006“. His party series that we know today, started with Up Town Mondays “which has operated from 2007 till now” with Uptown Mondays being Boom Boom’s “first event” which he used to “help to build Boasy Tuesdays“.

Looking back on his inspirations when he was starting to form his now world renowned event series Boom Boom looks to one sound system in particular that being “Stone Love, the biggest sound in the world“. Stone Love has been a fixture of the Kingston sound system scene since it’s foundation in 1972 under Winston “Wee Wee” Powell, with Stone Love going on to perform across the world even taking part in the 2014 Red Bull Culture Clash.  

Due to his position as the biggest selectors in Jamaica, Boom Boom has a direct view of the biggest changes in dancehall, being that the streets are the hub of dancehall and Boom Boom’s parties are the hub of those same streets.

Boom Boom has seen changing attitudes in dancehall over the past 12 months with people looking more towards “the young artist dem, people give them an opening ear” with Boom Boom mentioning names like “Rygin King, Squash and Chronic Law” that have all had the dancehall scene looking more towards Jamaica’s emerging talents. 

Being at the frontlines of dancehall Boom Boom can directly see the reaction to every track in dancehall, with the current crop of artists providing “whole heap of hot songs” with Boom Boom naming some of the hottest tracks in dancehall right now:

Mavado- ‘Dancehall Prophecy’

Aidonia- ‘Big Baller – Benzema’ 

Teejay- ‘Up Top Boss’ 

Ding Dong ft. Boom Boom- ‘Vibes’ 

Alkaline- ‘Richer and Richer’ 

Munga Honorable- ‘Nah Mad (Ova Nuh Gyal)’

Looking towards 2019, Boom Boom is looking to diversify his portfolio of work further, as he looks to turn to “riddim producing” with a “big 2019 riddim release planned” with the “Gully God” already included on some of his work, but that was all Boom Boom was willing to tell us at this point in time.

But don’t think this is going to mean that Boom Boom is moving away from selecting, as when we asked about if this would mean he would move away from selecting, he quickly responded “no I can never give up selecting” 

Alongside being the proprietor of the biggest parties in Jamaica, Boom Boom has also used his iconic voice on the introductions of some of the biggest tracks in dancehall, starting with “Wine with Beenie Man” , Boom Boom has gone on to provide vocals for some of the biggest dancehall tracks in recent memory. 

Whether you know him for his voice or his parties, Boom Boom is one of the most important figures in dancehall today, putting together some of the most important parties in Jamaica that continue to maintain the crucial importance of sound system culture in Jamaica. Boom Boom has continued this tradition and grown it into one of the most talked about spaces in Jamaica. Boom Boom innovated this tradition to make it more popular than ever, not a week goes by without at least one video from a Boom Boom party going viral. His work ethic is unmatched and he has served dancehall in such an incredible way, building  a brand of parties that are recognised world wide. Boom Boom is an inspirational figure in dancehall and someone that should be praised a lot more for his work than he is. Boom Boom is a true dancehall icon. 

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