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Having worked behind the scenes in dancehall for a long time now,  Dejavu is about to take off in 2019 as he prepares for the release of several new singles and an EP. It’s fair to say you might be hit with a little bit of déjà vu when you start to hear a lot more of his name next year, so remember this article and the words he says in this interview, as we had the privilege to have a conversation with Dejavu and provide you all with the information you need to know about dancehall’s latest rising star. 

Dejavu began his career as a “writer for many known artists” working with Elephant Man on the classics ‘Pon Di River’ and ‘Jook Gal’, with Dejavu describing the creative process of these songs as being a “catch a vibes” moment. Dejavu had known Elephant Man “on the roads and quickly becoming friends” with the artist, with Dejavu being inspired to write the iconic words behind some of dancehall’s biggest tracks in recent memory whilst in the studio. Dejavu believes that his experience as a writer before launching himself into his solo career will help him greatly as it allowed him to create great links within the industry and also learn a lot about the creative process within the music industry. 

Dejavu developed his own unique creative process during his early experiences in the music industry. Like many of the great artists, Dejavu often does not actually put pen to paper and write down his lyrics. Dejavu tries to catch a vibe to the riddim before anything else “before putting it into pro tools“, Dejavu assess the vibe of the track as starts his, “whether it be a girl song or anything, its always just vibes, I  can tell what the lyrics need to be depending on the vibe in the studio”. Dejavu works with a  minimalist approach when it comes to writing his songs, saying  “the people don’t want it too crowded, the producer has to leave space for the artist and the artist needs to leave space for the disc jockey” . 

Dejavu’s biggest release so far as a solo artist lands tomorrow with ‘Tight Little’ with Dejavu telling “the girls dem to get ready”.  We’ve been lucky enough to hear snippets of the track and like Dejavu said in our interview, everyone needs to “brace themselves”. Dejavu has been receiving a lot of love for the track from those that have heard it, with “a lot of people eagerly awaiting it’s release“. The reception for the track before it’s release has been so strong, that Dejavu already has plans to shoot the video for the track “early next year“. 

Alongside the release of ‘Tight Little’, Dejavu promised us that he has “a computer full of hit songs” with a lot of big collaborations “in the pipeline”. Dejavu was happy to announce his upcoming collaboration ‘Rich Again’  with UK based production trio The FaNaTiX. ‘Rich Again’ is scheduled for release early next year. Dejavu expressed that he already feels like this song is going to catch on, “every ting just work, you can’t force it, I just get the riddim and vibe”. 

Dejavu is also currently “planning on releasing a 7 track EP“, Dejavu is “not 100% sure of the release date” as of yet, but expects that it will drop towards the beginning of the year. With all the work he has put in so far towards 2019, he hopes it will help lead him to some of the biggest stages in dancehall with Dejavu “working towards Sumfest and the main shows” in dancehall, hoping to “just make it happen” with his hard work in 2019. 

Dejavu takes inspiration from “every kind of music” as he sees that there is “always room for growing in music”. He believes that taking inspiration from various types of music will help him to reach a wider audience and help to evolve his sound and attract more fans, he doesn’t want just “one type of person supporting his music” he wants the whole world to support him. 

All we can say at the end of the write up for our interview with Dejavu is get ready for what he has in store, because trust us you will not be disappointed. Talking to Dejavu you can tell he knows exactly what he is doing, he knows how to operate in the studio and how to make hit songs and has already had experience of being a part of some of the biggest songs to come out of Jamaica in recent memory. If that’s what he can do as a writer, just imagine what he can do as an artist. Dejavu looks set to takeover dancehall, remember the name and remember to check out ‘Tight Little’ when it drops tomorrow, there is nothing LITTLE about this track. 

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