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If you don’t know the name Gott Yo it is definitely time to get more familiar with the name, Gott Yo is an incredibly talented vocalist that has been making a name for himself recording an the world renowned Frenz For Real studios. Gott Yo has recorded over some of the top riddims during the past two years and looks towards 2019 as his big breakout year.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of talking to Gott Yo, discussing his origins, the incredible Frenz4Real studios and his aspirations for 2019.

Gott Yo is a Kingston 11 native, growing up close to the current location of the Frenz For Real studio. Kingston 11 has always been a hub for talent in Jamaica, with some of the most talented artists coming for the area. This legacy of musical talent from Kingston 11 had a strong impact on Gott Yo growing up in the area giving him “determination. It gives you a drive to keep on moving, great artists are from Kingston 11, it is a great community, the people are very talented and very musical”.

Music has always been an important part of Gott Yo’s life, looking back on his talent first being noticed Gott Yo recalls “singing here and there and people started to take time out and listen to me”. 

Gott Yo quickly took his passion for music and turned it into a career beginning to record professionally around “2009-2010“. Looking back on his beginnings in the industry, Gott Yo recalls things moving very fast around him with “airplay, shows, recording with Frenz4Real, Seanizzle, so much producer” coming very quickly in his career, which is something he is very thankful for.

Looking back on his early career Gott Yo recalls the success of one of his earliest singles, ‘I Need A Change’ which received “whole heap of airplay” across Jamaica and was also featured on the Stone Love soundsystem. This unfortunately did not provide Gott Yo with the big break he had hoped it would, looking back on his singles from his early career Gott Yo can understand why they did not provide the big break that he expected at the time, with Gott Yo making the distinction between having the infrastructure to push a popular song to “just getting songs that might be popular”. Gott Yo used this to explain why he hasn’t released a full length project to this point, with 2019 being the year that Gott Yo is going to develop the infrastructure to help to gain recognition for some of the incredible songs he has recorded.

Looking towards 2019 Gott Yo’s main plan is “more singles” and “more powerful levels“. He wants to distinguish himself from “just being a voice on a juggling riddim“, he wants “more time and opportunity” to express his talent. He hopes that by releasing more singles he will begin “to draw more attention” towards himself and his incredibly powerful voice, and with collaborations already recorded with Beenie Man and Vershon, it definitely isn’t going to be difficult to start drawing in more attention.

Building a strong infrastructure is something that Gott Yo has his eyes set on in 2019 making sure that “everything is backed by a solid back bone of work, that his work is properly featured“. Gott Yo has around 5 albums worth of music currently which he is waiting to release, but he wants to make sure that “proper measures are taken, so they do what they are supposed to do”.

Gott Yo is also continuing to push his incredible single ‘One Shoes’ which was originally released as part of ‘Island Breeze’ riddim which dropped in January 2018. The riddim itself featured some of the biggest names in dancehall with I Octane, Vershon and Govana all on the riddim. Gott Yo rightly still believes in his single ‘One Shoes’ as it has “never been looked at” by a lot of dancehall fans. He has continued to push it releasing the video for the single in July, with Gott Yo telling us tell still believes that the “song has a lot of potential, they just don’t pay any attention“.

Having been recording at Frenz For Real studios since the beginning of his career Gott Yo has had the unique privilege of recording amongst some of the greatest artists to ever come out of Jamacia, with legends Beenie Man and Josey Wales frequenting the studio. Gott Yo has received a very unique insight into the work ethic of the greats and he has learnt a lot, “all these artists have motivated me more. The fact they are still in the studio everyday, they treat it like their 9 to 5, it’s their work, Monday to Sunday. They are coming out of their beds before me“. Gott Yo even recalls seeing “Beenie Man and Singer J working throughout the entire night“. The message that Gott Yo has taken from his experiences among these great artists is that he “can’t ease up“.

Gott Yo is an incredibly talented vocalist, you can tell that from every one of his songs, his vocals are powerful and really help to push across the inspirational lyrics that feature in most of his songs. Gott Yo is much more than just a vocalist, he is an inspirational person. He knows the value of hard work and he knows what he needs to do to succeed in music. He has been around some of the finest artists to come out of Jamaica, and now it is his turn to put himself among those names. Look out for Gott Yo in 2019, trust us it’s going to be a big year for the Kingston 11 native.  

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