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If you haven’t heard the name I Waata, Than you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the latest music coming out of 4th Genna, with street smash hits ‘Thick Thick’ and ‘Digg’ already in his catalogue, I Waata is looking like a rising star going into 2019, that’s without even considering his incredible track on the ‘Big Baller’ Riddim, ‘Genna Jetlife’.

Luckily for us at Destination Reggae N Dancehall we were able to have a conversation with I Waata before the start of 2019, breaking down his career so far, his experiences working as a part of 4th Genna alongside two of the biggest artistes in dancehall right (Aidonia and Govana) and his aspirations for 2019.

I Waata is proud of his roots in Papin Kintyre and it is somewhere were he continues to represent. His first experiences of making music came in the area, recalling when he used to “beat the kettle drum” during his time “at Mona Heights Primary”. His love for music quickly developed and by “1st form, (he) was writing (his) own lyrics“. I Waata grew up listening to “Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer, observing how they would go about their music” and how they would approached music both through “YouTube and their time in the studio“.

I Waata sees himself first and foremost as a “unique artiste, (he) has a different sound“. His songs are about “reality, things that actually happen, a car with different rims could drive past and (he) could make a song about the rims“. He just sees himself as “a different youth“; and when hearing a song like ‘Thick Thick’, we can definitely hear that difference.

‘Thick Thick’ is an example of I Waata’s creative process in action. With the song originating from (as I Waata puts it) “some big arse ladies walking past” when he was booked at an event in St Thomas, with I Waata creating the hook whilst still observing these ladies.

I Waata has been recording music since 2007 meaning he has had plenty of time to hone his creative process and learn the ins and outs of the music industry. Recording his first song, ‘One O’Clock’ with Tiger Records in 2007.

2018 has been a big year for I Waata, as he has created an excellent buzz for himself on the streets of Jamaica with some really impressive releases. He has feature don some of the biggest riddims alongside some of the biggest names in dancehall.

I Waata’s latest release ‘FiTT’ is an excellent example of that, I Waata featuring as only the second artiste to record on the riddim, with the only other artiste to have recorded on the Bassick Records produced ‘Mayweather’ riddim being Ding Dong. ‘FiTT’ sees I Waata focus on dedication required to succeed in music, with I Waata reflecting on his own personal struggles, remembering “the struggle when (he) used to walk miles to go the studio” reflecting on the fact that “to get a hit you have to be FiTT“.

Obviously another huge riddim which I Waata has been a part of this year is the ‘Big Baller’ Riddim which saw the whole of the 4th Genna representing on the riddim, with I Waata dropping the phenomenal track ‘Genna Jetlife’ on the riddim. With I Waata also hinting at the release of another riddim representing the whole of 4th Genna in 2019.

I Waata’s involvement with 4th Genna and Aidonia began when Aidonia “see the talent” of I Waata, recognizing his unique style and gift for making music. I Waata is grateful for the “big recognition” that working alongside Aidonia has given him.

Looking towards 2019, I Waata wants to “stomp (his) name in the business” he wants to be “pon the top”, he wants his “new music to demonstrate his new and unique style”. He wants to be able to demonstrate his “fully active music style” that he can record “every type of music“, he doesn’t want to just limit himself to one genre.

Looking at the music and work ethic of I Waata, all we can say is that we are definitely expecting big things, with his refreshing style that is well represented in tracks with ‘Thick, Thick’, ‘Launch An Attack’ and ‘Digg’ all having their own unique differences that really show how well rounded I Waata’s talent is. Look out for I Waata and 4th Genna in 2019, as it is going to be a very big year.

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