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2018 was perhaps the biggest year in recent memory for dancehall artistes outside of Kingston with artistes from across Jamaica making serious waves in the scene. Prohgres is one of the biggest names to come out of that movement, with the Saint Ann native making serious moves in dancehall in both 2017 and 2018.

We were luckily able to talk to Prohgres at the end of 2018 to discuss his music and his future, looking especially at his aims for 2019. 

Trust us when we say he is going to make even more progress in 2019.

Prohgres is fair from a beginner in the music industry recording his first track “at age 14” with his “first single called ‘Prison‘”. ‘Prison’ saw Prohgres focusing on his ambitions in life and his ultimate aim of “not wanting to go to jail“.

Looking back on the start of his career Prohgres reflects on the difficulties he could see artistes from Saint Ann facing; “one time it was just Kingston alone that had the artistes doing great, even if you came from Saint Anne you had to migrate to Kingston to get better reception“.

Prohgres has seen changes in this dynamic over the past few years, as he has been able to “still live in Saint Anne” but also spend time recording in Kingston.

Prohgres believes that splitting his time between the two areas has given him a unique understanding as he is now “understands both mindsets, (he) understands Kingstonians” and he also understands “the different mindset” of Saint Ann.

Prohgres believes that has really helped his music with “some of (his) songs having a similar feel to those of a Kingston based artiste“.

So far in his career Prohgres’ music has really stood out for a lot of the profound messages that he delivers on his tracks with tracks like ‘Memory Lane’, ‘Forever Grateful’ and ‘Guard Up’ all dealing with issues that he has faced in life and delivering his own unique message regarding those issues.

Prohgres has seen through the development of his career that people are starting to pay “attention” to what he is saying in his songs, but Prohgres really wants people to start “paying more attention and focus more on the deeper meaning of (his) lyrics and songs”.

However, Prohgres does not want to be seen as an artiste that can only produce one type of music, he wants to represent “several different minds“, he always aiming to “show versatility” and “mix stuff up“. He always wants to make sure that his music is “relate-able” and really reflects the lives of his listeners.

Looking forward to 2019, Prohgres is looking to continue to promote his big single “Nuh Too Friendly” which is remaining as his main focus right now. Prohgres has a lot of new music coming in 2019, with Prohgres “thinking about putting out an EP”, as well as looking to expand his fan base overseas, as he is currently “putting together a European tour” which is not confirmed as of yet, but would definitely be a good look for Prohgres.

Prohgres, as he said in our interview, is “all about the music” heading into 2019, coming with a unique prospect that he has gained through his experiences in the beginning of his career. Prohgres is ready to make even more progress in 2019 as he looks to expand his fanbase internationally and continue to release even more incredible music. At Destination Reggae N Dancehall we know this is going to be a big year for Prohgres and we can’t wait to see the things he is able to achieve in 2019.

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