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If you don’t know the name TallUp you definitely know her dancing, the former Dancehall Queen has taken her first major steps into music in 2018, and has been killing it so far. Following the release of the video for her smash hit single ‘Rocking Dolly’ we thought it was only right to have a conversation with TallUp about her journey so far and her aspirations looking forward. 

TallUp in many ways looks to music in the same way as she does dancing looking at the “creativity and interaction” as something that has really helped her begin her music career. With importance of being “confident and very energetic and always keeping composure” as being something that unites both music and dancing. The only difference is that now TallUp’s “every focus is in music” 

Interestingly the TallUp name is somewhat a family tradition, as the TallUp name originates from a group TallUp’s mother belonged to “TallUp Girls” as a group of “party girls” that would frequent dances around Jamaica. TallUp used “the name TallUp, because I liked that name and alongside my sister, international DHQ Danger, we wanted to carry on the name”. “So I decided to enter DHQ with the name TallUp”

‘Rocking Dolly’ is a song that “came about when (TallUp) started to take music seriously” . The idea behind the track came from TallUp creating dances for her dancer friends. When creating a dance for Dolly Body, TallUp came up with the Rocking Dolly dance and then followed the dance with the track, as she wanted to “create something good together” with the dance for her friend Dolly Body.

When talking to TallUp it is quite hard to distract yourself from her history as a well known dancer in the scene as a former Dancehall Queen in 2013, TallUp has made her name alongside some of the most iconic dancers in the scene including  Shelly Belly, with the two being well known for their “high intensity and chemistry” together. 

With TallUp’s history as a Dancehall Queen, it was only right to get her to explain the basic concept of a Dancehall Queen competition to those that aren’t particularly familiar with the tradition.  TallUp summarised a Dancehall Queen as “the person that comes out with her unique styles and dominates the floor and standouts in whatever style they want to stand out in”. TallUp sees some of the pioneers of this tradition as her biggest inspirations including DHQ Angel and  the original Dancehall Queen Carlene. 

Looking towards 2019, Reggae Sumfest is the number one aim for the Montego Bay native, looking to perform at the iconic festival in front of a hometown crowd. TallUp is also awaiting the release of her EP “which will give you a sense of (her) style in music” stressing that we should “expect a lot more from TallUp, different styles of music”.

TallUp doesn’t want to limit herself looking forward as she wants to “do music on a whole level. Whether its dancehall, reggae or hip hop it doesnt matter, I want to make great music that can be remembered”. She wants to reach a level “the world has never seen” she isn’t “going to limit (her)self”

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