Introducing- Anga Kidd

Introducing upcoming dancehall artiste Anga Kidd. 

Anga Kidd began his journey in the music industry in 2006, releasing his first single the same year with ‘Wine and Guh Dung’. During the beginning of his career, Anga Kidd was heavily inspired by Vybz Kartel, specifically through his lyricism and incredible ability to create gyal songs. Anga Kidd looked at the deep meaning Kartel would put into his tracks and want to emulate that himself. 

Anga Kidd sees himself as a deeply lyrical artist, using a variety of influences from his life to help him create tracks.

Anga Kidd takes a lot of inspiration from his upbringing in Olympic Gardens in Jamaica, looking at both the difficulties people face in Olympic Gardens, but also the importance of street parties in the community. Anga Kidd distinctly remembers going out to dances in Olympic Gardens and really being inspired to pursue a career in music. 

Anga Kidd originally began his career in dancehall as a dancer, as part of his dancing he would often be around some of the biggest artists in dancehall, which helped him to see how to achieve success and the work ethic needed when pursuing a career in music. 

Looking towards 2019 Anga Kidd’s main aim is to release a lot of new songs, dropping an EP in January. Anga Kidd wants to reach further in 2019 and reach a different level of popularity, continuing his unique approach by fusing elements of various genres together including afro beats, soca, hip-hop and dancehall. 

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