Introducing- JMovemence (Young Boss)

JMovemence (Young Boss) is an emerging artist out of Portmore that does not define himself under a particular genre, seeing himself as a reggae and dancehall artist, leaning more towards being a singjay that sings clean and cultural dancehall music.

JMovemence has been in the music industry since the age of 18, he is now 33 and has worked alongside many of the greats in the industry, performing alongside legends like Bounty Killer, Ninjaman and Turbulence. He has also performed alongside some of the biggest current stars like Shane-O and Tommy Lee Sparta. He has seen what it takes to reach the top of this industry and now has his eyes set on the top.

Throughout his career JMovemence has worked at several studios across Jamaica including Goldliner Records, High Stakes Records, Loyalty CP Records and Fyah Stumpy Records. He believes that he has learnt a lot from these experiences. He has also featured on radio stations around Jamaica and across the world, in countries like South Africa, the UK and the US.

JMovemence is currently pushing his single ‘Live Big’ which is produced by Smart Sound Records, he is also in the process of shooting a video for the single and trying to promote it to major radio stations and TV stations across Jamaica. ‘Live Big’ is already signed to a distribution deal with Miami based digital distributor Zojak World Wide and is being distributed by them in the very near future.

He summarises himself as an entertainer, first and foremost, he hopes to be one of the greatest entertainers to ever grace the Jamaican music industry and wants to change how the industry works and be an entertainer that everyone looks up to.

JMovemence has tours coming up in the US and Kenya, his upcoming Kenyan tour was covered by The Jamaica Star in September. JMovemence was invited to Kenya following the release of his song ‘Kenya Free’ and is scheduled to perform at the country’s Independence Holiday Carnival.

JMovemence is a determined artist that has been in the industry for a long time and experienced a lot throughout his career, he has been around some of the most influential artists in recent memory, he appears to have learnt a lot from these artists and wants to launch himself to the top, his new single ‘Live Big’ certainly shows a lot of promise for the artist.



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