Introducing-Kerry Starr

Introducing Kerry Starr, an upcoming singer songwriter who specialises in reggae, dancehall and other popular Caribbean music genres. 

Kerry grew up in Kingston living with between both her mother and fathers houses. Her love for the creative arts began whilst still at school, attending Vauxhall High School in Kingston. During her time at Vauxhall High School, Kerry actively participated in music, dancing, acting and cheerleading, she was also a member of the school’s debating team. 

Kerry remembers getting a lot of support from her father whilst pursuing her creative talents, she says that he was the one who inspired her to pursue a career in music. Unfortunately, at the beginning of her career, her mother was not fully behind her music career initially, but after eventually seeing her dedication to writing music and singing, she quickly became a lot more supportive. 

Kerry Starr recorded her first song whilst still in fifth form. She had to endure and overcome a lot of pressure as a female solo artist working in the male dominated Jamaican music industry. One of her biggest challenges starting out in her career was not being taken seriously by those in the industry, which has still to some extent remained an issue for Kerry. 

Despite these difficulties she has still managed to record and release some incredible tracks over the years.

In 2007 she recorded ‘Believe It’ (a song that she is still currently pushing) which was produced by the legendary production duo Sly and Robbie.

In 2014 she recorded ‘My Grade’ which was produced by Biggy from the popular production duo Razz and Biggy. 

And in 2016 and 2017 she collaborated with Legendz Prodution on three songs: ‘Cupid’, ‘Core’ and ‘Everything’. 

Kerry Starr is truly one of the Jamaican music industry’s best kept secrets, something that she is very determined to change, beginning to work with a new promotions team, she is working extremely hard to share new music with the world and build her reputation both in Jamaica and internationally. 

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