Introducing- Klaritay

Born Kemar Rodney on the 5th of July 1998 in Tower Hill, Kingston, Klaritay attended the Clan Carthy High School in Kingston. Klaritay is a multi-skilled deejay and songwriter who is looking to break into the dancehall scene.

Klaritay has already worked alongside top emerging producer Haynes Records, with Haynes Records also producing for the likes of Kalado, Stein, Chico and Khago. Being a well respected produced both in Jamaica and internationally, Klaritay has been able to see from Haynes Records what it takes to succeed in the dancehall scene.

Klaritay’s first single ‘Bad Gyal Academy’ was also produced by another top emerging producer Simple Youths. Klaritay is very thankful to have worked alongside some of the best emerging producers in the dancehall space.

Klaritay began his career as a promising local deejay who has always maintained a strong connection to his lyricism, with rhymes and harmonies being the focus of his work . His career began performing at local talent shows and competitions.

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