Introducing- Magma J

Introducing Magma J, the 20 year old singjay from Union, Balaclava, St Elizabeth.

Magma J started recording his own music at age 14 and has been recording professionally ever since. Magma J’s first performance came at a karaoke in Kingston.

His biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson; for his ability to transform music and reach a massive worldwide platform; and Bob Marley and Buju Banton for their ability to use Jamaican music to reach out to the world. This is an artist with huge ambitions and confidence and really wants to learn from the best.

Magma J is currently signed to Real Recognize Real Records and is currently working on two projects, one in Costa Rica and another with Slay Bad Musiq, which is scheduled to come out within the next two weeks. He is also featured on the Real Recognize Real ‘Do Road Riddim’ with his voicing ‘Captain’ which was released on Friday and has also recorded with UK based artist Shanti Force.

On this track we are also introduced to Magma J’s own slang “Lalapotellomushello”, the meaning of which the artist says will for now continue to remain a mystery. But reminded me that there is “only one captain, lalapotellomushello”.

Magma J summarises himself as a different type of artist, he is very creative and is able to do a lot of different things, he wants to explore music and continue to put out new and exciting things.

Magma J is a promising artist, that hails from an area in Jamaica that is far away from the music hub of Kingston, he has shown a lot of skill in the work that he has put out and I truly hope that he can follow in the footsteps of the men he aspires to be like.



6 comments on “Introducing- Magma J

  1. Proud of you magma j

  2. Jody ann coke

    Magma j long time u a do u thing , love u music , am so happy for u , nuff love. One captain

  3. Keep up the good work bro❤

  4. Jody ann coke

    Magma j long time u a do u thing , love u music , am so happy for u , nuff love. One captain ……. member when mi a tell u say anything u wah help with am here cause I love to see youth Dreams be fulfil …… just happy fi u yah . Lalapotellomushello .

  5. sage_anna_lawrence

    ME CAPTAIN 😍😍😍

  6. Bushy Melody

    Yea blood push on success over failure👊

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