Introducing- RudeeBoss

Introducing RudeeBoss, an upcoming dancehall artist out of Toronto, Canada.

RudeBoss was born in Toronto, Canada, his family are from Jamaica, residing in Cockburn Pen.

RudeBoss summarises his music as 90% dancehall mixed with a little bit of hip hop, he uses his Jamaican background and the popular sounds of Toronto to ensure his music demonstrates his inspirations and the city he lives in.

Before starting his career as an artist RudeeBoss was a selector for around 4 years, starting to record and write his own music two years ago, developing his own unique.

RudeeBoss sees himself as an exception when he looks at the musical landscape of Canada and Toronto. RudeeBoss sees himself as the first Canadian to produce authentic dancehall that is true to the roots of the genre, he is not trying to recreate the sound or alter the sound, he wants to make music that reflects the pioneers of the genre and continues on the amazing route pursued by many Jamaican artistes before him.

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