Introducing- Teesha Rain

Introducing Teesha Rain, an upcoming singer songwriter out of Mandeville, Jamaica.

Teesha Rain was born Latiesha Rainford in Mandeville on the 24th of August 1991. She  developed her love of music at a tender age after watching her aunt perform. It was at this point that she decided to pursue a career in music.

In 2008, Teesha Rain began working  with Sanjay” Freeze” Pennant, recording her first single ‘Wine Me’ alongside Ricardo ‘Ricky Real’ Francis. ‘Wine Me’ went on to be played numerous times on local radio, pushing Teesha Rain further into her pursuit of a career in music.

During this time Teesha Rain made every effort of gaining experience from those who would be willing to work with her. Acting as a backing vocalist for Gospel artists such as Ancient Priest, Horace Mason, Ryan Mark and Tiffany Hall.

Teesha Rain released her debut mixtape ‘Mysterious Seduction’ in November 2012, which was mixed by SJ Calcio who had previously worked for Suncity FM.

Also in 2012, Teesha Rain joined 4XG working alongside four other female singers. 4XG went on to perform at a number of shows across Jamaica, but eventually all four members went their separate ways to pursue their individual dreams.

Following the seperation of 4XG, Teesha Rain continued to pursue her solo career, before being introduced to the manager of Nubian Fusion in 2014, temporarily becoming a vocalist and songwriter for the all-female group.

Teesha Rain’s local success in her home parish of Manchester, has seen her twice nominated for Manchester’s Female Artiste of the Year; in both 2013 and 2014, with Teesha Rain winning the award in 2014.

2014 was a highly successful year for Teesha Rain, with the year starting off the year performing at Ninja Man’s Birthday Bash in St. Ann in January.

Throughout her career, Teesha Rain has opened herself up to many different popular genres of music, which has led to her unique take on Reggae and Dancehall, adding in a fusion of RnB, Jazz, Pop and Techno.

Teesha Rain is currently working with a number of music production teams, both locally and internationally.

Alongside music, Teesha Rain is also a true entrepreneur at heart. Being one of the founders of Real Union Entertainment, which consists of artists , photographers, graphic designers and many more creative minded people. She is a co-owner of a Hey Baby Variety Store in Mandeville and she has also recently launched her own handmade clutch purse line ‘Teez Love Collection’.

Teesha Rain is currently working on a number of projects with recording artist, Nevaramo, having releasing their first collaboration ‘False Friend’ in August.

Teesha Rain’s work is constantly expanding as she looks to work with more and more producers. Currently working alongside K-EM Production, Slik 4Our Music Group and Prince A Record. We should all be expecting a lot more projects and performances to come from Teesha Rain.


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