Introducing- Tete Stine

Introducing upcoming dancehall artist Tete Stine, who prides himself on making conscious and relateable music to help people through tough times and inspire them to chase their own dreams.

Tete Stine focuses on conscious music, music that people can really relate to, he doesn’t want to promote crime and violence, he wants to make music that will make his family proud of him and will show people that anyone can achieve their dreams.

He stresses that he needs to achieve success the right way, he doesn’t want an easy way to the top, he wants to put in the work and achieve success through hard work.

Tete Stine is working on a lot of new music, as he believes there is a gap in the dancehall scene for artists promoting conscious music. He wants the people to know that his music reflects his life and his experiences. His love for making music is so strong he does not believe that he will ever stop producing music.

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