Introducing- Tin I Cool

Introducing Tin I Cool,  an upcoming Jamaican gospel artist. 

Born Martin Isaacs, Tin I Cool has been an active Christian for 16 years, ministering the word of God through music for 14 years.

The name Tin I Cool has a unique origin, with the Tin coming from the end of his first name Martin, the I coming from his surname Isaacs; and Cool because Tin I Cool is a cool man of God 

Tin I Cool has featured on albums such as the ‘Mainframe’ Riddim compilation, Dale ‘Dizzle’ Virgo’s ‘Spirit Scription’ and the A.P.S production compilations ‘Gospel Fi Share’ and ‘Sing Fi Jesus’. 

Tin I Cool has enjoyed heavy rotation on major gospel radio stations in Jamaica with songs ‘Ghetto Christian’ and ‘Never Lose Faith’. 

Tin I Cool has another hit record called ‘Jesus We Say/God Bless’ which was released back in 2011, with Tin I Cool releasing a video for the track alongside Blu I Steppa. 

Alongside his music, Tin I Cool has also ministered on many major gospel shows such as Genesis, Christ Birth, Operation Consecration and Fun In The Sun. 

Tin I Cool’s most recent release ‘Pon Di Corner’ produced by Dale Virgo, as Tin I Cool says “basically speaks about a gangster in the garrison who is reflecting on an incident that changed his whole life to Christianity. He got saved after thugs from a nearby community came in and shot up the corner where he was hanging out. When the smoke cleared one of the gangsters was found suffering from gunshot wounds and by the grace of God angels who were watching over him gave him another chance at life. He started ministering the word of God to all his thug friends and on every corner he could reach”

Tin I Cool’s gospel music comes from a very unique Jamaican influence using popular dancehall sounds to make what you could almost call gospel dancehall, it is a unique type of music and combats some of the issues that are prevalent in Jamaican culture. 

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