Jahmiel- ‘Mankind’

Jahmiel drops his first single of 2019 with ‘Mankind’, as he focuses on how his experiences have effected his outlook on the people around him, looking at the issues he has had in the past and reflecting on how that has effected his outlook on ‘Mankind’.

Jahmiel releases his first single for 2019 with ‘Mankind’ coming off a phenomenal 2018, Jahmiel is coming into 2019 with one of the hottest songs right now in the inspirational anthem ‘A Better Tomorrow’, which was just one of many incredible singles that he released in 2019.

‘Mankind’ sees Jahmiel reflecting on how his experiences have effected his life so far and how they have led to his distrust of mankind. Jahmiel looks at the prices he has had to pay on his way to success, but he would not change any of the things he has experienced as they have helped to develop his strength. Jahmiel knows that this is not the end of his fight but he knows that his experiences so far will help him on his journey forward.

Check out Jahmiel’s latest powerful single ‘Mankind’ below

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