Jahvillani- ‘My Gun (Deranged Riddim)’

Jahvillani drops the first single ‘My Gun’ on the ‘Deranged’ Riddim produced by Damage Musiq, with the track premiering on Dancehall Promo’s YouTube channel today.

Jahvillani comes aggressive on ‘My Gun’, as he comes through strapped up ready to protect himself, as he is ready to make “a bagga man duppy” pulling up in his “tinted up” Mark X.

Jahvillani shows off his badman credentials on this track, giving his opponents something to be genuinely scared about. Jahvillani is ready to pull up and make “a bagga man duppy” and ask no questions. Jahvillani is always coming through strapped because he knows the risks of life on the roads in Jamaica, he knows people on the roads will be looking to take him down, so he knows the importance of staying strapped up on the roads and ready to protect himself.

Check out Jahvillani’s single ‘My Gun’ on the ‘Deranged’ Riddim below. Stay tuned for the full ‘Deranged’ Riddim which is expected to drop in January/February.

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