Jonze Lmg- ‘She Bad’

Jonze Lmg dedicates his explicit track ‘She Bad’ to a certain girl that can really throw it down in the bedroom, it’s fair to say Jonze is enjoying everything she is showing him in the bedroom. 

Jonze Lmg drops an explicit slow jam with ‘She Bad’ as he discusses everything that is going down in the bedroom between him and his “baby”. His “baby” is clearly demonstrating a lot of skills to Jonze and has him inviting whole heap of people to the bedroom asking her to “bring her friend and her mum” to the bedroom. Jonze is trying to go for rounds and show her as good a time as she is showing him, Jonze does not just want to stop at the bedroom even venturing out into the “car back” with his “baby”. 

Check out Jonze Lmg breaking down his experience with a certain bad gyal on ‘She Bad’. 

1 comment on “Jonze Lmg- ‘She Bad’

  1. Jamell

    Up top.. LMG she bad, it sound good but to me it feels like something is missing. Other than that its a steady vibe.

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